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WEP/WPA Cracking In Windows Xp Tutorial With Pictures

Wireless Network Hacking WEP/WPA In Windows Xp Tutorial With Pictures
Let's Start To Hack WEP/WPA Keys
Before starting, please download the following softwares:
Aircrack -ng
Microsoft framework 2.0

You can search google, but i will be posting the links at the end of the tutorial, as I feel if I post it right here, people reading the tutorial will start collecting the files before even realizing if they need it or not.

So, first read the tut, if you think you can ,then surely you will.

I am posting this tutorial for INTEL 3945abg wireless chipset because of 2 reasons:

1. It is the most common used chipset in laptops.
2. If it works in this it will work on any other.



First all you members on INTEL 3945abg will have to downgrade the drivers of your network car, assuming you have the latest driver. The driver version we are downgrading to is or

This is essential so as your Intel wireless adapter can work in monitor mode.(a prerequisite)

[Image: 2q0uaer.png]

After the installation of the right driver version ( - pack ) the card works on the windows platform in the monitor mode.

Reboot and switch on your wifi.


Install Omnipeek Personel (http://www.wildpackets.com/)
This program includes wildpacket drivers for your card enabling it to go into 'monitor mode'. Note: When the program is running you will not be able to get on the internet, but this is restored when you close it..

[Image: 4s0560.jpg]

[Image: m936lv.jpg]

Your card will be detected automatically, provided you have your wifi switched on.

Here you can set up various filters. Depending on your choice.

Once installed, open the program and click on 'new capture'.

Here click on 802.11 and select where you want to capture from (channel, BSSID=MAC-adress, ESSID= network name, or scan channels) and click OK.

[Image: hsrhxg.jpg]

[Image: 1zml3td.jpg]

You can just try capturing with default options to get a hang of the software.

Go to performance and uncheck expert analysis. this will increase the speed drastically.

Now Click on the button. Start CAPTURE.

You can see the progress going.

There is no shortcut to cracking WEP/WPA passwords. You need to capture the packets around 300,000 to 800,000. It takes time so hit capture and let it finish to 100%.

Now stop capture if you are too lazy or just want to give the whole procedure a quick go.

[Image: afee4x.png]

Goto File>Save all packets and save it as a .dmp file. Close Omnipeek.


Okay so now we should have a .dmp file with the packets.
- Open WinAircrack
- Click 'select capture file' and load the .dmp file you captured before.

[Image: 2s9ottu.jpg]

- On the general tab select the encryption type (i only know how it works with wep..)

- On the WEP tab you can choose the key size (not necessairy)
- On the advanced tab you can enable the use of dual processor (not necessairy)
- Click 'Aircrack the key'
- A command box will show up and ask you for the target network.

[Image: 2wqcp01.jpg]

Choose the right one and voila it will begin cracking.


For those who have aircrack just drag and drop the .dmg file on the aircrack icon, and select option 0.
Crack the key.

Partial credit of the tutorial goes to diesel power and airodump for providing the software.

Download links:

For Aircrack2.1 and WinAircrack2.6


INTEL monitor

Below link for Omnipeek 4.1 for all other members and also can be used by 3945abg users.


PASSWORD for Omnipeek is : monitordriver

PASSWORD for Omnipeek personal 4.1 is : downloadomnipeek
PASSWORD for Aircap : aircapdown

PASSWORD for Winaircrack2.6 : pentestpassw

Please feel free to point out any errors and post your comments if you were able to crack WEP/WPA security or not.

aircrack needs maximum unique iv's it can have, also the cracking takes time depending on the unique iv's.

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